Use Office Parties to Get Bookings & Build Your Business!



Since people are always asking me "How do I get Bookings?" I thought I'd share a video I made a few years ago about how doing office parties is a great way to not only get immediate bookings, but build your calendar out as well. You can watch that video below.

Still looking for more great ideas for getting bookings? Join me and the amazing Melanie Parker for her webinar next week called, "How to Book Parties Without Being Pushy." Melanie is a brilliant direct sales professional from "down under" (so just listening to her talk is a joy, no matter what the topic). Here's what she'll cover:

  • How to have your guests jumping out of their chairs to book a party with you
  • 3 ways to offer the booking opportunity to every guest without being pushy
  • How to get your guests to love you, love your product and BEG YOU to let them book a party!

Click here to get signed up and join us live next Tuesday, June 10th!


Can't see the video? Click here to watch it now!



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