The Opposite Is Actually True

limiting-beliefsRight now I’m struggling with some limiting beliefs in a few areas of my life. Because of everything I’ve learned as a coach about limiting beliefs, I can identify that they’re there and I can wish they would go away. I know they’re not necessarily true, but when I’m in the moment, that doesn’t always support me. I’ve recently come up with a fairly interesting way to deal with my own limiting beliefs that I thought might support you.


It dawned on me recently that, when it comes to my own limiting beliefs, if I really take the time to question them I find that, mostly without exception, the opposite is more true than what I’m telling myself. I’ll bet you’ll find the same thing if you simply take the time to stop and do this simple exercise instead of just letting these limiting thoughts run your life because you blindly believe them.


Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Suppose you hold one of the following limiting beliefs:

  • There isn’t enough time to get everything done.
  • I have to be available to my team/customers at all times.
  • I need to do everything perfectly (so I just don’t do anything).


Now let’s look at the opposite of these beliefs and see if they aren’t more true for you:

  • I have plenty of time to get everything done (which means I can choose where I spend my time)
  • I don’t have to be available to my team/customers at all times. (And if I believe that, I am free to respond to them at my convenience, which helps with the first one)
  • Things don’t need to be perfect in order to work (which allows you to let things be good enough and move forward with whatever project you’re working on – this one is really liberating).


See how it works? It’s pretty amazing and it gets you to move from limiting thinking to possibility thinking. Next time you have a limiting belief pop up and try to sabotage you, stop and tell yourself the opposite of what you’re thinking and see if it doesn’t empower you.


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