A New Way to Look at “Out and About” Sponsoring…

Out-and-about-sponsoringI’m often asked, beyond recruiting at your parties, what are some other ways to find new representatives? In my opinion, it’s all about finding a way to trigger conversations as you move through your life, interact at your kid’s school, church, shopping, etc.


Now, just for the record,  I have to tell you, I’ve never been a big proponent of assaulting someone in the grocery store line to share your opportunity. Having them approach you is a much better way to start the conversation. So what are you carrying, wearing, etc. that’s going to have someone approach you and ask you about your business rather than the other way around. Logo-enhanced clothing, a bag with your company name on it, I’ve even seen bags with clear slots that feature small items or your catalog. Think outside the box here and see how creative you can be.


Once you do get one of these golden opportunities and you find the conversation turning toward your business, be sure you keep your sharing short and sweet and make it about them! The best way to do that is to ask questions about their life and needs. Questions like “What do you do for a living? or “How many kids do you have?” can often lead to conversations about how your business can support them. The more you can tie your information into what they share, instead of vomiting your business plan or experience all over them, the more likely they’ll be to want to learn more.


I always had a catalog and a few party date cards and once we’d conversed a little, I’d offer them a catalog and invite them to fill out the card with their info so I could enter them into my drawing for that month (I did a monthly drawing for a certain amount of free merchandise, a popular item from my product line, etc when they hosted a party). That way I had their info and could follow up. I also asked if it would be ok for me to follow up with them in a few days and when would be convenient. That makes the follow up call much easier to make on your part.
One final idea when it comes to recruiting right now –  many people who said no in September or October as fall started may have a completely different mindset now that spring is here. Go through your old leads and find people who may have fallen away or through the cracks and make it a point to connect with them in the next few weeks. The weather is starting to warm up a bit and spring is a perfect time for many people to start a new business.
How do you recruit outside of your parties? I’d love to hear your ideas.


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