Are You Paying Close Enough Attention To Your Direct Sales Customers?

About 20 years ago I came really close to having to have gum surgery. Since then, I’m religious about having my teeth cleaned every six months and I’ve been going to the same Hygienist for about the last seven years. Her name is Amy (that’s her on the left).

Last week, as I sat down for my bi-annual checkup, she asked me how my family camping trip had gone last summer. Even though she only sees me twice a year, she always seems to remember details about what I shared at my last visit and asks me about them with genuine interest.

Now, I’m not self-centered enough to think Amy actually remembers me and all the details of my life (my life is exciting, but not THAT exciting). It dawned on me last week that she obviously takes the time to write notes after she cleans my teeth about more than just my level of plaque, and then makes sure she checks those notes before I come in so she can reference them during my visit. I’d still come to her if she didn’t, but the fact that she goes to all that trouble definitely makes me feel valued by her and the dentist for whom she works.

What has this got to do with you and your direct sales business? Well, if you’re smart, you’re making notes on door prize drawing slips and customer order forms regarding things about which you visit with your guests and hosts. That way, when you call to follow up in a few weeks or a month, instead of opening with an awkward sentence like, “Have you had a chance to look at my brochure,” you can open with something like, “How did your daughter’s wedding go?” or “Are you still making those beautiful quilts?” Nothing will warm up a potential customer,  host, or representative faster than feeling like you’re taking an interest in them and their life.

So take a little extra time at your next party and make a few notes about the people there before you head home (or right after you get home). That 15 or 20 minutes you spend could just pay off huge dividends, not to mention making it much easier to get on the phone.

And just in case you’re wondering, yes, it does make it just a tiny bit easier to head to the dentist knowing that Amy will be waiting there smiling and interested in me and my life. Not much, mind you, but a little.


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