People Are Just RUDE! What Can You Do About It?

how-rudeI got the following question on the Fan Page last month and thought it was a great topic for a blog post:


“It seems people don’t respond to invitations to parties like they used to or worse yet, don’t see it as a big deal if they don’t honor their response, yes or no. It becomes frustrating to the hosts to the point where many don’t want to have parties because they feel rejected with a small turn out. I’ve been in direct sales for 15 years and see it trending in this direction. What’s the best way to handle this? Thanks for all your help.”


My answer was blunt (shocking, I know)…people are just plain insensitive and rude these days. If you are asked to, you should RSVP, and if you say you’re coming, you should put it on your calendar and show up. As a host myself, I’ve experienced the complete lack of response, even when I call to confirm whether or not they’re coming (really, you can’t even answer a text?) and the barrage of last minute texts and phone calls on the evening of the party with excuses (most of them lame, in my never-to-be-humble opinion) about why people can’t make it. Nevermind that I’ve prepared lovely food and rearranged my living room based on your RSVP. I have teenagers so it will get eaten, but that’s really not the point.


That said, you’ll generally be happier in life if you focus your time and energy on what you can control. Unfortunately, you can’t change other people’s behavior, so learning to deal with it is your best bet. I would choose to focus on your host and the people who do show up, and maybe prepare your host in advance for what she’ll probably encounter so she doesn’t feel guilty if people bail at the last minute.


And if you’re a guest, for heaven’s sake, please RSVP and then show up if you’ve promised to! It’s just the polite thing to do.


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