Please “Get Real” At Your Direct Sales Home Parties!

We've all been to one of "those home parties". You know the kind. The representative (bless her heart), is basically one big, canned commercial, and the words coming out of her mouth give you a tight feeling in the pit of your stomach as you hear yourself thinking "I've been here before."

She starts out by telling you about how much money she's making and sharing the fact that her company is hiring and YOU would be perfect for the job (even though you're wondering how she could possibly know that since you've never had a single conversation with her). And it just goes downhill from there. You find yourself checking your watch and looking longingly at the door, wondering if you can possibly escape before she pounces on you to leverage you to book a party or start your own business.


In case you haven't noticed, there's a new paradigm in direct sales. We've shifted from the canned language that all of the guests at your parties have heard before (and hate, by the way), to an authentic way of communicating that respects your guests and feels comfortable for you. When you stop seeing your parties as opportunities to leverage people to do something, and start seeing them as opportunities to build relationships and provide a fun experience for your guests and your hosts, things begin to flow in your business.
People book parties because they like you and had fun and would like to repeat that experience with their friends at their own party. People are interested in learning more about your opportunity because you've shared with them, from your heart, about why you love your job. And people buy your products because they have a connection with you and with your passion for what you're offering.
So just stop trying to get anyone to do anything at your parties and start being yourself. It's a lot less work for you and a whole lot more comfortable for everyone there.
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