Seeing Your Business Through Rose Colored Glasses

I used to have a full length mirror in my house in Walla Walla that was completely magical. I bought it at Walmart for less than $10.00 the week I moved into this house in 2004. That’s a picture of me in the mirror from about 4 years ago.


Here’s why this mirror was so amazing. When you looked at yourself in it, there was no distortion and your reflection was perfectly clear, but through some anomaly that happened when it was made, it also made you look super skinny. I’m talking about fifteen to twenty pounds skinnier.


I’m not kidding. Everyone who looked in that mirror asked if they could have it and it was sort of a joke. I would never, ever have given it away because it allowed me to see my absolute best, most beautiful self every single morning. Unfortunately, after we remodeled and replaced the door where it hung, I tried to re-hang it, didn’t do a good job, and it fell off the door and broke. It was a very sad day in our house and I mourned the loss of that mirror. I really did.


I’m guessing if I could figure out how to duplicate that mirror, I’d make a fortune. I think everyone should have the gift of seeing themselves as they want to be (instead of exactly as they are) now and then. I used to feel like I was sort of cheating when I felt better after I looked in that mirror. Now I have a different view of it. I’m glad I could see my body through “rose colored glasses” every day because it planted the image of how I wanted to look firmly in the forefront of my mind and I focused on that vision all day.


I believe you get what you focus on and energy flows where attention goes. Whatever you’re giving your attention to expands. This applies to everything and it works 100% of the time. So, if that’s the case, why wouldn’t I want to focus on the vision of my best, most beautiful body every day? Doesn’t that serve me better than starting the day thinking about the fact that I’m too fat or that my stomach isn’t flat or I can’t wear a size six anymore? Absolutely.


So what does this have to do with your business? A lot. If you start looking for the good in your business and you focus really clearly on what you want (even if it’s not exactly your current reality), you’ll start to see your results change. It will be like having my magic mirror in your office, and looking in it seeing yourself booked solid, working with hosts, customers, and a team you love, and making great choices around your life and business on a daily basis. How would that feel?


No really. How would it feel? Get clear and then seize that feeling and make it your predominant focus, just like I used the skinny me image from my mirror to start each day.


Here are a few tips for some simple ways to do this:


Set Positive Focused Goals


To begin with, get some clarity and focus around what you actually want (not what you don’t want) in your business and start really focusing your attention there.


Create Visualizations Around Those Goals


That means at least once a day, stop and close your eyes and feel the feelings of what it will be like to be the person who has that dream business. Just 30 seconds visualizing and feeling every day (twice a day if you’re up to it).


Create and Use Positive Affirmations


My friend Dana Wilde of The Mind Aware has a whole program called “Train Your Brain” that makes this really easy. It’s basically about creating what she calls mantras that make you feel wonderful (“My business is thriving and I’m a booking magnet!” or “I love working with my incredible, positive, energetic team and helping them succeed.“) Mantras work. Mine are currently, “That’s gonna sort itself out,” “Business is booming and new opportunities are flooding in!” and “I am a money magnet! Money is flowing to me.”


Take Inspired Action


This is what I call it when I get an idea out of the blue when I’m driving or in the shower that’s something I haven’t thought of before and that will move me closer to my goals. I call it inspired because I believe these ideas are a direct result of doing the things I’ve listed above. It might not be on my reasoned and carefully planned out “to do” list, but it’s generally a really amazing idea that works better than anything I could have thought up on my own. These ideas just “come to me.” The key is to take action on them when they do (sometimes in faith, if you’re not exactly sure where they’ll lead you but you just “feel” like the action is the right direction in which to move).


Act “As If” You’re Already Wherever You Want to Be


That means doing things and going places that the executives in your company go (if you want to become an executive). It means blocking out those two day a week in your schedule to do home parties, even if you’re not sure where the bookings are coming from. It means creating training for a team you haven’t begun building yet. Act as if you already have what you want and watch how fast things start to fall into place to create your reality.


So do I think you should see the world and your business through rose colored glasses? Without a shadow of a doubt. If you’re not sure this will work, do it for a month or so and see what happens? What have you got to lose?

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