Self Care Before Business = More Productivity (Yes, Really)

Self CareAn interesting thing happened to me last week. I actually worked fewer hours and got more done. Let me explain how this happened.


Last Monday I was feeling overwhelmed, like I would never have a chance to do everything on my to do list. I was chatting with a friend and sharing my feelings and she challenged me to put myself first (because when I get busy, self care is the first thing to go). I (reluctantly and sceptically) made the commitment to do that.


Tuesday morning I woke up, meditated for 30 minutes, read a chapter in each of the self development books I'm currently reading (Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" and John Assaraf's "The Answer"), wrote in my journal, and worked out. I did all that before I ever walked into my office and turned on my computer. I did it in spite of the huge "to do" list I knew was waiting for me for the day. And I did it while ignoring my whiney ego, which kept screaming in my ear "YOU BETTER GET INTO THAT OFFICE! YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE IT ALL!"


I didn't get into my office until almost 10:00 Tuesday morning. I was peaceful and centered and completely shocked at 4:00 when everything on my "to do" list had been checked off. How did that happen with three less hours of work than usual? I repeated this routine every morning last week and had one of the most productive weeks of my life.


What's the lesson? For me, it's self care before business. That's my new mantra. Because I've learned that when I take care of myself and I take the time to get focused on the energy that I plan to bring into my day, everything I need to accomplish my goals "magically" shows up and aligns with that energy.


My challenge to you? Give yourself the gift of self care starting tomorrow morning. You don't have to take an hour and a half like I do (although it's worth getting up earlier than usual for, I promise). Even if you just carve out fifteen minutes to sit and be quite before you start working, that's a great start. And you'll notice that the dividends it will pay in your business could be huge!


P.S. And don't listen to your ego. It specializes in lies, lies, lies!



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