Make the Shift from Selling to Sharing


woman-giving-gift-wordsI hear lots of objections and excuses as a direct sales coach for why my clients can't succeed. One of the most common is "I don't want to come across as pushy at my home party." That also translates as "I'm not good at selling at my home party."


So, as a successful direct sales coach, I just want to clear this up (and if you're one of my clients, you know this already, but LISTEN UP anyhow!)… Your job is never, ever to "sell" anyone anything in your direct sales business. Not your products, not your direct sales opportunity, not on the idea of having a home party with you. Not anything. Now, I'll admit that it's a little annoying that it's called direct SALES, but just get over that. Sales has nothing to do with what you do.


What the best, most successful direct selling experts have figured out how to do is SHARE. They share their enthusiasm – for their products, their direct sales opportunity, their hosts, their guests, their company. Period. I have several direct sales tools on the shopping portion of this website that provide direct sales training designed to help you get better results from your business. The honest truth? If you just shift your focus from selling to sharing, you could almost figure it out on your own (although I do think my products and programs help A LOT!)


So at your next home party, do yourself (and your home party guests) a favor and just forget about selling. Make it your intention to share all night long and see how that works for you. I'm smiling just thinking about what will happen.  


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