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  • Are you frustrated by the list of people you’ve sponsored who have never even qualified?
  • Has your direct sales company recently changed their compensation plan, meaning you’re losing (or have already lost) your leadership position?
  • Are you now required to not only sponsor and add to your team, but also build a team of strong representatives, without really knowing how to do all that?
  • Has the business plan you thought would take you to the top with your direct sales company suddenly become obsolete leaving you to ask, “What now?”

The direct sales landscape is changing. Clearly, doing things the way you’ve “always done it” doesn’t work any more. The days of being able to qualify for promotions and incentive trips based solely on your sponsoring numbers are over. Now, your company expects you to be actively working with the people on your team to ensure not only their success, but yours as well.

That’s great in theory, but how do you actually “do” it?

It requires that you think and act in a completely different way. Beginning with how you sponsor people into your organization and the training you provide from the very beginning of their “journey”. Success in today’s direct sales profession will require that you become a different kind of leader.

And, if I’m guessing correctly, you don’t currently have a clue how to do this! You need some clear, easy-to-apply tools!

If you’ve been in direct sales for quite a while, you’re going to have to be willing to adapt or perish (sorry, but that’s just the tough, honest truth).

If you’re brand new to direct sales and hoping to create an ongoing income by building a strong team, you’re going to have to learn some innovative tools for attracting, choosing, and mentoring the type of people who can help you succeed.

Several years ago, a leader from a top direct selling company came to me with all of the above frustrations. Her company had recently totally changed their long-standing compensation plan and the leaders on her team were dropping like flies. I custom-designed a program that addressed her concerns. She knew that her team needed to learn how to:

  • Modify their business plans and actions so they could “keep up” with the new requirements?
  • Find and sponsor quality people who were actually willing to work?
  • Make sure their new representatives got qualified and experienced success within their first 30-45 days?
  • Create an environment of sponsoring and support with their current team members so that their teams were growing “deep” as well as “wide.”

Do any of these needs sound familiar? I thought they might! So I took the material from the program I created for her team and created an audio program for you and yours!

This audio program, complete with support documents and a program outline which are easily downloaded from our website, is Delivered as a Downloadable Audio File (No S&H Fees!) Once your order is complete, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to download your product.

Introducing A New Approach To Finding, Sponsoring, and Training Your Direct Sales Dream Team



part one
Your Thinking, Goal Setting, and Business Planning
  • The simple shift you can make that will harness the power of your thinking to get you what you want – every time.
  • Simple tools for managing negative thoughts and people
  • Goal setting from the ground up, using my exclusive “Anatomy of a Goal” tool
  • A simple, effective business planning model that will help you break down your goals into clear, precise, and realistic action steps that you can begin taking IMMEDIATELY!
part two
Building Your Team by Turning Your Monthly Meeting Into a Sponsoring Bonanza!
  • How simply changing what you call your meetings can get representatives to attend
  • How to teach your current representatives to bring guests with them
  • How to create an atmosphere of fun and participation at your meetings
  • A shift in focus that will turn your monthly meetings into incredible opportunity events
  • A step-by-step agenda for a 90 minute meeting/opportunity event
part three
The Sponsoring Interview – Setting Your New Representatives Up for Success
  • The one shift you can make that will instantly change your sponsoring interview results
  • 5 questions to ask prospective representatives which will allow them to virtually sponsor themselves
  • How to identify your prospect’s “why” and tailor your sponsoring interview to their needs
  • A simple tool that will completely change your feeling about calling to follow up after the interview
part four
Getting Your New Representative off to a Strong Start
  • How to do a kick off party and guarantee bookings for your new representative
  • How to use on-the-job training to maximize your training time
  • The value of a two week launch
  • A simple shift that will turn your ongoing, one-on-one coaching with your new representatives into the most productive training time you’ve ever provided
“Julie Anne Jones takes direct sales training into this decade! She’s great at sharing ideas to make your business work for your schedule & lifestyle! She’s real and her ideas are easy to implement into whatever direct sales company you’re part of!!!”


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