My corporate consulting is designed to support the training needs of direct sales and network marketing companies. It can range from a few consulting calls to help you get clear about your training needs to complete programs designed and branded specifically for your representatives.

Want to create consistency in your new representative training? I have a 15-part video-based new representative training that can be created using your company logo, your compensation plan, and your terminology. It’s based on my very popular “Strong Start” program and consist of four “fast start” videos to be watched in the first week of a new rep’s training, and then eleven weekly videos designed to be delivered to their email box with more complete training in all areas of their business. This program allows you to license my proven, simple systems for your unlimited and ongoing use so that all of your new representatives are on the same page with their training from day one in their businesses.

Either way, I’d love to visit with you about how I can best support you and your field with specific and personalized training. Let’s talk. Email me and we’ll find a time to connect.