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Are you ready to explode your booking, sales, and sponsoring results?
Want to know EXACTLY what to say to make it happen?
Then this book is your answer!

  • Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be having success in your company while you barely seem to “stay afloat” each month?
  • Do you struggle to know what to say to invite others to book parties, buy your products or learn more about your opportunity?
  • Have you ever wished you could just pick up a “script” and follow it to success?

The good news is, it’s really not a huge secret and you already have access to it! All you need to learn is what to say when an opportunity presents itself.

This book (available in Adobe Acrobat e-book or audio file format) gives you 12 proven scripts that tell you exactly what to say (and why) to invite others to book parties with you, join your business, or succeed as representatives or hosts. It’s all simple, easy to learn and right here in black and white!

Best of all, because it’s a virtual book, whether you choose the Adobe version or the audio version, it will be delivered to your inbox just as soon as you order and you can begin using these powerful scripts immediately to explode your results!

Here’s what other direct sellers are saying about this book:

“I have know Julie since 2002 when I met her at a seminar she did in
Omaha, Neb. I have been training with her ever since, because I learn something
new all the time and trust her because she has been where I am. When I ordered
her e-book “Powerful Language,” I knew I would learn how the words I use could
help or hinder my business. I have to admit I didn’t read it right away.
A few weeks later, when my bookings were almost non-existent, I opened it and read it cover to cover, highlighting like crazy!! In 10 days I tripled my bookings for the next two months and haven’t stopped since!! Julie will not let you down if you just follow the easy language that she shows you.”
Elizabeth D. Hinkle, DoTerra 

“Thank you so much for this book – I’ve just read it from end to end and LOVE it. I’ve read books from ‘Build it Big’ and other direct selling coaches, and I totally ‘get’ establishing relationships, but none of those sources was telling me how to do it – what were the actual words I needed to achieve it, so a huge thank you for putting your words down on paper!”
Ann Jobes, Thirty-One Gifts


“I absolutely love this e-book!  I have read it 4 times since downloading it last week.  I feel more empowered when I am on
the phone and in person with guests.  I keep repeating your words, ‘What’s in it for them!’  Thank you!”
Chris Kilby, The Pampered Chef


What’s inside?

Chapter                Title  

1                            Why the Words You Choose Matter

2                           Creating A Powerful Connection At Your Parties           

3                           Your Booking Commercial

4                           Your Opportunity Commercial  

5                           Language for Closing Your Party  

6                           The Language of Offering Instead of Asking

7                           Language for the Recruiting Interview     

8                           Language for Host Coaching

9                           Leadership Language for Coaching Your Team


Now available in Adobe Acrobat e-book or Audio MP3 download formats

Adobe Acrobat E-Book
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MP3 Audio File Audio Book
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Get BOTH MP3 Audio File Audio Book
And the Adobe Acrobat E-Book
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About the Author Julie Anne Jones is a business strategist, keynote speaker, author, coach, and trainer, and the CEO of Julie Anne Jones, LLC. She is known for her authentic and easy-to-use scripting and specializes in specific systems and tools for success in direct sales. Over the past eleven years, Julie Anne has become a sought after corporate expert and trainer, bringing her unique style to corporate events throughout the United States and Canada.

She loves sharing her information, whether it’s from the stage, with her students in one of her many virtual programs, or through her webinar and teleseminar training platforms.

She also lost her husband last year to metastatic Melanoma and blogs about that journey and her ongoing struggle to reclaim her life without her beloved. Julie Anne lives in Vancouver, Washington. Learn more about her and her programs and services at JulieAnneJones.com.

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