A Crazy Simple Tool That WILL Increase Your Sponsoring Results

help-othersIf you’re a direct sales leader, you should never walk alone. The easiest way to train someone is with “on the job” training. Your parties are fertile soil for teaching a new representative through hands on, experiential learning and I’m a big proponent of taking them with you as often as possible. That, in and of itself, is reason enough to start this practice (if you’re not already doing it). On top of all that, I know an even better reason.
It turns your party into a sponsoring environment, providing direct sales education and training, and you’ll begin to effortlessly increase the interest in joining your team. Wouldn’t that be nice!
Think about this for a moment. You have an enthusiastic new representative with you who is excited about beginning their direct sales business. They’re interacting with you and the guests and sharing that enthusiasm. You’re also introducing that person, making a big deal about the fact that they’re the newest person on your team, and explaining that you’re providing direct sales training for them that evening at your party. Your guests have to be thinking, “Wow, if I started my business with this person, I’d get the same high level, quality commitment and training!” How easy is that?
Here are a few tips for incorporating this very easy direct sales tool into your current training program (and if you don’t have a training program for your new representatives, this is a great place to start).
  • Invite them to ride to and from the show together. This will be an effective use of your time and give you some great one-on-one direct sales training time.
  • Have them practice their opportunity talk, booking talk, or their introduction with you and support them in crafting it to their satisfaction. 
  • Be sure you introduce them at the party and make a big deal about them. This creates a direct sales opportunity recruiting atmosphere at your parties.
  • You might even ask your representatives to actually do a portion of your party. They could even demonstrate a few of your items. 
  • Request that they take notes, notice details, and share what they learned during the ride home.


This one single tool could completely change not only the experience your new representatives are having, but also your sponsoring results. What do you think? 

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