Something Totally Fun For You

For the past five months, as I’ve continued to run my direct sales business, I’ve begun dabbling in selling on Amazon. It’s a completely new and different type of online business than my direct sales training company, but one which could potentially provide residual income which will help with the medical bills caused by my husband’s cancer. John hasn’t really worked in over a year so I’m the sole provider for our family. Amazon is a fairly passive business once it’s set up and running, but the key to success with any given product on Amazon comes from sales volume and, most importantly, reviews from those who have purchased that product.


frontSo, in an effort to get both of those things, and because my product is super affordable, practical, and fun, I’m reaching out to my followers here on this blog and offering you the product at cost (50% off the sales price). All you have to do is head over to Amazon and purchase the product using THIS LINK ( and then (and this is the IMPORTANT part) go back once you get the product and write me a review.


My Amazon brand is “Bling It Home” and this first product I’m selling are chalkboard labels. You’ll see by the pictures on the page that there are a ton of uses for these beauties, especially as we head into the holidays. You get three sheets of 8 labels (24 total), 3.5 by 2 inches each. There are 8 different shapes so they’re also really versatile.


I hesitated to write a blog about this because it has nothing to do with direct sales, and I know that’s why you read this blog. There are two reasons I decided “What the hell” and wrote it…First, I’ve been approached by advertisers wanting to run ads on this website almost since I started it nearly 10 years ago and I’ve never said yes. I don’t want our relationship here mucked up by ads over which I have no control. By sharing this, I’m trading in a bit on that relationship, which I’ve worked long and hard to build. I don’t think anyone will mind, especially since this is a really cool product and I’m giving you a smoking hot deal on it.


Secondly (and more importantly), in the past year or so, as my husband’s cancer battle has gotten tougher, I’ve had literally hundreds of people say, “let me know what I can do to help.” This is something you can do to help. It’s 5:95 plus S&H (and if you have Amazon Prime S&H is free) and maybe 5 minutes of your time and if enough of you do it, it will have a significant impact on our bottom line, which will take some of the pressure off of me.


That’s it. If you do choose to grab these labels and write me a review, thanks in advance for your support. I’m eternally grateful for you either way, but that would be incredibly cool of you, for sure.


Here’s the link again, just in case you missed it above: ORDER HERE (


Remember, if you do purchase it’s SUPER important that you take the time to go back and write me a review. And if you felt like sharing this post, that would definitely be absolutely awesome.