Julie Anne Jones


Authentic. Funny. Genuine.

Direct Sales Training is our specialty. From keynotes to breakout sessions, Julie Anne Jones has the
unique ability to break down her powerful concepts for success in the direct sales profession into a simple, action-oriented, step-by-step training experience that produces fast and solid results.

What results can your field representatives expect from her training?

  • Simple tools for filling up their calendars with more bookings
  • Fewer canceled and rescheduled parties
  • Powerful, duplicatable tools for booking, sponsoring, and selling at their parties
  • Easy, relatable language and scripting to use in their businesses

The tangible results listed above are just the icing on the cake. The real value in Julie Anne’s programs comes from the mindset shifts your field will experience which will motivate and excite them to start succeeding in their businesses… and their lives… forever!

Usborne Books & More has engaged Julie Anne Jones for two major events in the last year, and we couldn’t be more pleased by her performance. Seldom have we had a speaker that connected with our sales force and left them wanting more like Julie Anne has. With her dynamic personality, she presents a straight forward message in a way that resonates with everyone. We will schedule her for future events and I have no hesitation in highly recommending Julie Anne to other organizations who need a results oriented presentation.
RANDAL WHITE, President? Usborne Books and More

It’s duplicating Julie Anne’s ‘no nonsense’ strategy that has allowed me to sort through & identify the ‘workers’ and ‘non workers’ on my team and spend my time where I need to….that’s why the success in my 1st line is so strong.
Personally, I’ve never had anyone as experienced as Julie Anne in my PC business since starting several years ago so I will always give her high kudos.

KATHY YELLETS, National Field Developer, Lemongrass Spa Products
Prior to hiring Julie Anne to work with our field, our biggest challenge was helping our consultants book and hold more parties on a consistent basis. We were seeking the expertise to train, teach and motivate our consultants to be more consistent with their businesses. Because Julie Anne researched and became familiar with our company, her presentation was totally relevant and and that allowed our consultants to easily implement the training and strategies into a successful business plan.Julie Anne’s style is very down to earth and authentic. She’s real and our field related to her and her previous experience in direct sales. They could easily see themselves in her and because of this, they responded with increased production in their own businesses.

Her greatest strengths are her experience, knowledge, and communication skills. Her abilities and what she has brought to our team has produced the desired result of increased productivity with our consultants. They have taken the tools and information she has provided and implemented them to strive towards higher goals. Julie Anne has increased the confidence of our field and has helped them see more possibilities by applying her principles. We see an increased enthusiasm in our field and have received endless emails of ‘Thank you’s’ to us for bringing Julie Anne on board.

Julie Anne Jones is an amazing speaker! We were so excited to have her as our keynote speaker, and she exceeded all of our expectations and more!! We at the Home Office have heard nothing but praises from our consultants who attended our National Conference! They are implementing all of her ideas and seeing results. Our consultants would definitely come to hear her speak again! Get ready to be energized and excited when you have the opportunity to hear Julie Anne speak!
ERIN WELCH, Consultant Support Manager, Thirty-One Gifts
Every Direct Selling Company needs to invite Julie Anne Jones to speak at their event! Above all her energy, humor, and heart not only held our attention but her tips, systems and language taught us how to make our businesses fly! She also showed us how to engage the guests at our parties, making sure they not only get the information we are sharing but most importantly that they are having a FUN experience with their friends! We all came away inspired and energized!”
DENISE CAREY, National Training Director Temptation Parties
I have been in direct sales for almost 15 years and have seen success in my career, but the freedom that I have experienced after learning from Julie Anne is amazing! I love that Julie Anne is teaching duplicatable and intentional systems to get what everyone wants out of a direct sales business…more sales, more bookings and new successful team members! Since her training, I have taught these systems to my new team members and am seeing my recruiting numbers start to soar! I now have the confidence to lead others to success because I have the systems in place to do so!
CODI AYERS, Advanced Director, The Pampered Chef
When I signed up to be a consultant with Tomboy Tools in early 2009, I had no prior experience and no idea what I was doing. Later that year, you were hired by Tomboy Tools to help train us! I was ecstatic! You provided training on hostess coaching, party techniques, language…what to say and, more importantly, what not to say! You rewrote the Tomboy Tools training manual, you provided weekly training calls, emails and seminars. I soaked in all the training you provided. I attended the calls, I read your emails and newsletter, I watched your video blogs, and followed your advice, suggestions and training! In July, 2010 I attended my second convention. And just one year after first being introduced to you and your training, I received the following awards – Top Overall Sales, Top Overall Recruits and Tomboy of the Year! You made me think of my business in a completely different way and approach it in such a way that success was inevitable. I know, without a doubt, that you and your training were key components to my success. I also know that any sales consultant who has the opportunity to get your training should take advantage of it and apply it to their business. If they do, they WILL find success.
KATE JULIAN, Sales Director, Tomboy Tools, Inc.

About Julie Anne Jones

Known as the “Systems Queen,” Julie Anne has a dynamic, energetic personality and while on stage, uses it to create a very direct, entertaining and interactive training experience. With her degree in theatre, her passion for performing shines through when she’s on stage. At any given moment she may use gentle sarcasm to make a point or burst into song to get her audience’s attention!

Over the past fifteen years, Julie Anne has delivered several keynote addresses at Direct Sales conventions all over the United States and Canada, including: The Pampered Chef Canada, Usborne Books and More, The Traveling Vineyard, Wine Shop at Home, Tomboy Tools, Scentsy, Thirty-One Gifts, Epicure Selections … and many others.


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Your audience will definitely laugh, get involved, and interact. Julie Anne is NOT a stand-behind-the-podium speaker. She’s an in-the-audience, sometimes in-your-face (in a fun way) speaker. She believes that audiences learn more successfully when they’re having fun, so she strives to make her trainings interactive and entertaining as well as informative.

Julie Anne’s message isn’t just the standard “Book, Sell, Recruit” It’s unique and innovative. She’s the only direct sales trainer speaking today who will truly “tell it like it is” and challenge the standard language and techniques that have always been taught (and, frankly, don’t work any more)
She not only tells her audiences WHAT they need to change and WHY it’s important, she also tells them WHAT TO DO and gives them simple tools and language to implement her concepts. Plus, she sends them home with clear homework that’s designed to make sure they take action immediately.
An accredited life and business coach, Julie Anne believes in inspiring through empowerment. She focuses on what’s possible and her absolute belief in everyone of her audience members.
Because her training library is so comprehensive, Julie Anne can cover any aspect of direct sales training, from the party experience to host coaching to sponsoring and leadership. Click here to see a sample of some of her most popular programs (and just know that Julie Anne can create a totally unique program that will fit your needs perfectly!)
It’s not unusual for audiences to walk out of any presentation “fired up” and excited. The key is what they do with that information once they leave the event. In testimonial after testimonial, Julie Anne has heard from direct sellers who are implementing her training and getting results! (Check a few of them out below)
The number one reason audiences say they love Julie Anne? She’s so real, authentic, and honest, that she establishes trust with her audience almost immediately. It’s easier to learn from someone you like!
Julie Anne’s goal is to make this the best experience you’ve ever had working with a trainer. She doesn’t demand a first class airline ticket or a room a the Ritz and she prides herself on being low maintenance. You’ll love working with her and her staff.
It’s common knowledge that the 90 days following a live training are crucial for maximizing results by taking action. We provide optional monthly follow-up Q&A calls hosted on our system for a full three months following your live training. Your representatives can even ask their questions ahead of time if they can’t make the live calls. Best of all, all you have to do is send them the web link we provide and we’ll do all the rest.
If all this is not enough, Julie Anne also offers an amazing “Great Client Discount” that instantly reduces her speaking fee by up to $3000.00… virtually unheard of in the speaking industry!
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