The Question That Could Change Your Direct Sales Business…

FocusIn the past few weeks I’ve had several coaching conversations that center around recruiting results (specifically the lack of results). What each and every client has come to understand is that, while recruiting tools and the actions they take to implement them are important, their focus is really the key.


Let me ask you a question (and be honest with yourself); when it comes to recruiting and your team, do you most often focus on what you want (i.e. who you would like to be attracting and how awesome your team and business will be once you build a team of these amazing people) or what you don’t want (i.e. who’s not working in your life and business right now)? If you’re like most people, it tends to be easier to focus on what you don’t want.


What I know is that Energy flows where attention goes. And energy equals results. In other words, you get what you focus on. So if you’re constantly complaining about your unmotivated, draining, negative team of people who aren’t working, don’t be surprised if you’re building a team of unmotivated, draining, negative people who aren’t working. It’s also impossible to focus on two things at once, so what you remove your attention on collapses while what you’re putting your attention on expands. It’s truly a win/win situation. Get it? So change your focus!


Ask yourself “What are the top five adjectives that would describe my ideal recruit lead or team member?” Then make a list of those words and put them where you can see and read them every day.


And one last thing. If you read that list and ask yourself “who does this describe at their best?” the answer will most likely be you! So as you show up and focus on who you want to be as a leader, manifesting all the best qualities in yourself, you’ll begin attracting others to you vibrationally as well. How cool is that?


I’d love it if you shared your list with everyone below. Your words could inspire someone else.


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