Use an Icebreaker at Your Next Direct Sales Meeting

"People rarely succeed unless they are having fun in what they are doing." ~ Dale Carnegie

The fun factor is huge in our industry. If you're not having fun and creating a fun environment at your parties, your guests won't be loving the experience and your results will suffer. If you're a leader who does monthly meetings with your team, you know how important it is to keep the fun factor in your meetings in order to keep your attendance high. I've never met a direct sales leader who isn't always looking for ways to improve attendance at their meetings. So what can you do to make sure everyone feels comfortable and has fun at your meetings? I believe you have to focus on making sure you get everyone in the room involved, right from the beginning, just like I teach you to do at your parties.

So to begin with, make sure you set the mood at the very beginning of your meetings. Make sure you have some great, upbeat music as people arrive and some light refreshments (let's face it, if I know there's free food, I'm much more likely to show up). Then, once you welcome everyone, consider taking a few minutes to play a short "icebreaker" game to put everyone at ease and get them up on their feet and involved and having fun.

The following simple game is taken from my "Smart Leader's Monthly Meeting Planning System" and is a great example of an icebreaker that will help set the mood for your next team meeting.

OFFICE AIRLINES” Icebreaker Game
(This game takes approximately 10 minutes)

Divide your group into 2 teams. Give each team a sheet of paper, marking pens, and a paperclip. Instruct participants to work with their teammates to create a paper airplane they feel will travel a long distance. Each team must name their airline and decorate their plane accordingly – using the marking pens. Planes are limited to one piece of paper and may use one paperclip anywhere on the plane if needed. After construction is completed, conduct the flights. The team with the plane traveling the longest distance wins a prize (bag of peanuts and soda, plastic toy pilot wings, etc.).

Consider asking a few de-briefing questions after the game has concluded:

1.      How well did you work together in constructing your airplanes?
2.      How did teamwork affect your results … and your experience?
3.      If you had to identify one piece of key learning from this activity that we can apply to our businesses, what would it be?

Effective questions can be the single-most potent tool in any leader’s toolbox. They create a mindset shift away from problem orientation and limitations – and toward solution orientation and possibilities.

So how about you? Have any great ideas for icebreakers at your meetings?



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