What Kids Gain By Having A Direct Sales Mom


boat-fixedThe other day I was telling one of my clients about something that happened to me a few years ago. I was doing a direct sales training call and I glanced out my window mid-sentence to see my two sons precariously walking across the roof of our garage. It brought new meaning to the word "focus" as I did my best to continue the training while waving a fist at them and using sign language to tell them to GET DOWN! It made me laugh as I recounted the story, but it also reminded me that Summer is coming and both of my boys will be home for the summer (Sam, my oldest, from his Freshman year at college). I'm not going to lie to you, I embrace this realization with a mixture of sweet anticipation and dread. I love my boys but sometimes, they drive me CRAZY! And when they're home for the summer, they tend to invade my direct sales business workday (literally).


I always forget how challenging it is to transition from being home alone during the day and working my business to being home supervising other people and working my business. Especially when those people are teenage boys! Even though they don't need a lot of supervision anymore and can drive themselves places, etc., they're still around, making noise, asking what's for dinner, and just generally inserting themselves into my normal routine.


With all that being said, I also have reflected upon how grateful I am that my boys get to experience a WAHM every day and have ever since they can remember. It got me thinking about all of the benefits your kids enjoy because you have a direct sales business. Here are a few that I came up with:

  • Your kids know what you do for a living because they see you do it every day. I think this gives them a greater appreciation for where the money you use to buy them things comes from.
  • They learn the meaning of commitment and see the payoffs for the time you invest in your direct sales business.
  • If you're earning company incentive trips, they get to go on some pretty cool vacations.
  • If you work your direct sales business exclusively (meaning you don't go to another job), they have the benefit of a full time mom (just a note, the older they've gotten, my kids have seen this as either a benefit or a curse, depending on the day). You're there for school activities during the school year and camps/swimming/play dates, etc. during the summer.
  • They learn to earn. When my kids were little and I was working my direct sales business, we always picked out an incentive for them to work toward when I was working toward one from my company. We used a special container and added money to it based upon their level of participation in my business (helping to put labels on catalogs, load and unload the car, being extra good while I made phone calls, etc.). That way, they earned something really cool right alongside me.


These are just a few that I came up with off the top of my head. I'd love to know your thoughts. What do you think your kids gain from having a mom that has a direct sales business?


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