Excuse Me…How do You Know What’s Best for Me?

I'm sure it's happened to you. Someone – a salesman in a department store, a tele-marketer, or even (gasp!) a direct seller, starts telling you, two minutes after meeting you, what's best for you. Without bothering to learn anything about you or your needs, this virtual stranger starts telling you all the reasons why whatever they're trying to sell you is perfect for you.


Sorry, but that's just not the best way to sell me anything. I'd prefer that you take at least a few minutes, ask me some questions about what I actually want (and don't want), and then give me some information I can use to decide for myself whether or not what you're offering is something that's "perfect for me."


What has this got to do with your direct sales business? Well, if you're sharing your opportunity with the assumption that "everyone should do this," that you know what's best for me, chances are good I'll tune you out. Frankly, in my opinion, that's how most recruiters bomb, because they don't know (how could they possibly know), that their opportunity is "perfect" for anyone but themselves. The bottom line is, when you approach someone you barely know (or don't know at all) and you lead with the opportunity, nine times out of ten, you're wasting your breath.


The best way to share, during your recruiting commercial, during your party, or any other time, is to simply express your passion for your company and your products by sharing the impact that your business has had on you and your life. Keep the sharing about you and your experience and allow the person with whom you're talking to decide for themselves that this is something that might be perfect for them.


Oh, and a nice side effect of this approach? You'll never feel pushy again, which virtually removes the biggest roadblock most direct sellers face regarding recruiting. What would that be worth to you?


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