You’re Either Growing or Dying


My mom Joy is 80 years old (that’s her on the left – I know, hard to believe, huh?). She went to coaching school with me when she was 74. She still works part time, rides her horse at least a few days a week, takes care of my dad and my sister’s two little kids, and just generally loves life. She challenges herself every day to learn hard stuff (like how to use the computer or program her cell phone), and she’s the youngest “old person” I know. I joke with her all the time that she’ll never die because she’s got too many plans (all of which involve learning something new).

I’m in the middle of re-launching my Direct Sales Virtual Academy right now and I’m working with some amazing new direct sellers. I’ve noticed something interesting about the participants based on our interaction through the course in the past few weeks – most of them are pushing against the change I’m asking them to make just a bit. Now, that’s not to say they don’t want to make the changes or even that they aren’t, just that it’s a bit of a challenge. They’re growing, and it’s hard.

That’s because growing, in any form, generally requires us to be uncomfortable for a period of time. I grew 5 inches in one summer and I remember my legs hurting all the time. My mom called these “growing pains.” My 15 year old Eli, who’s 6’4″ and has grown over an inch and a half in the past two months, has them too. So did his brother Sam at his age (and I think he’s finally stopped at 6’7″ – we’re hoping). However, if you look back over your life or your business, I’ll bet you’ll notice that the most difficult times were also the times when you grew the most. And I’ll bet those times brought you the greatest payoff in the end.

Staying static is boring. I hope I never “arrive” at the answer about anything in life. It’s the growing that keeps me tuned in, turned on, and excited about my business every day. It’s never easy and it’s sometimes truly frustrating, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s really true that you’re either growing or dying. And I plan on growing until the day I die, no matter what I’m doing. How about you? What have you done to facilitate your own growth lately?

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